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Some factors affecting the performance of electric tapping machine

  Abstract: Everyone on how to choose buy electric tapping machine at the same time, some characteristics of electric tapping machine may still don't understand, so we need to understand the factors affecting electric threading machine tapping speed. 
  Everyone knows how to choose buy electric tapping machine, but some of the features of electric tapping machine on May still don't understand, PURROS factory is a professional production of gear type automatic multi-axis tapping machines, automatic drilling machine and multi-axis machine of professional manufacturers. Next to tell you about some of the factors affecting electricity tapping machine. 
  Affect the speed of electric tapping machine tapping there are a lot of factors, such as: tapping machine silk material, variety, eating into the number of teeth, the shape of hole, the cutting material and cutting oil etc conditions of use,  So when choosing electric tapping machine must take into account these factors. 
  Extrusion tap for not chip in electric tapping machine, tapping speed can be faster than cutting, but also take into account is processing materials, cutting fluid, mechanical factors, such as most commonly used in 5-20 m/MIN, and press play similar work process, special circumstances can reach more than 30 m/MIN speed example. But due to the high speed, can produce early because of abrasion, or dissolve the relations, affect the service life of tap. So tapping speed control is impossible to ignore. 
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