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The definition and classification of Power Head


    With the rapid development of science and technology and the needs of large-scale industrial production, many professional manufacturers are using multifunctional efficient combined machine tool, this is to ensure that the product can reach a high machining accuracy, low production cost, high labor productivity, etc. effect. Power head is an important power part of combined machine tool, machine performance is good or bad depends on the quality and performance of power head, but in general combined machine tool design,  power  head can only provide the main movement, its feed movement is associated with hydraulic or mechanical sliding table.

    What is a power head? Is installed on the power knife tower, is driven by servo motor power cutter holder. Power head is the basic principle of motor drives a gear change mechanism, can come true to boring, milling, drilling, etc. functions, and is a relatively simple variable speed transmission mechanism. Power head form is varied, depending on the different implementation effects, can be divided into: drilling power head, synchronous tapping power head, milling power head, boring power head, reaming power head and so on.

    With synchronous tapping power head is a dual-use, drilling in the meantime also finished in tapping suture. Its front range of screw has cutting function, middle range is tapping chip guide function, bottom range is fixed function. Such as the steel construction and color steel tile construction of stitching is to use the power head.


 Unit Head
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