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  • Countries competing to develop robotics industry

        Robot known as the "Pearl of the top manufacturing crown", its research and development, manufacturing and application level is a measure of an important indicator of the level of development of highend manufacturing, robotics industry and therefore are highly concerned about the world. In recent years, with the pace of innovation between artificial intelligence technology, digital manufacturing technology and mobile Internet convergence continues to accelerate, the developed countries have to make a strategic plan, to seize the commanding heights of the robotics industry.The U...


    Tags:  robotics industry  robot manufacturers 

  • Both can play chess and will write calligraphy, gree mysterious robot debut

       "I can't win it, think of the machinery, people can play chess!" Yesterday, a battle with gree robots implement defeated, Chen said. The first "will", the domestic home appliance enterprises gree electric appliances with its numerous equipment highly, especially can not only welding, spray painting, can also play chess, calligraphy of the mysterious robot attracted the attention of a great number of exhibitors and merchants.Gree the exhibits have photovoltaic centrifuge, photovoltaic VRF, magnetic fertilizer floating frequency centrifugal machine, permanent magn...


    Tags:  machinery  automation  robots 

  • China's industrial robot needs a blowout situation, service robots will meet development climax

        China robot industry union 21 in chongqing yongchuan issued the 2014 China industrial robot market statistics. Data show that China has two years in a row as the world's largest industrial robot market, service robots will become China's robot market under a highspeed growth.China's ministry of industry and information technology equipment department director said here a picture of wood, China's industrial robot needs a blowout situation. China has the world's most complete industry chain, is also the world's largest manufacturing countries. Transformation and upg...


    Tags:  service robots China's industrial robot 

  • Introducing robots into machine tools is a very clever approach

       Robot has become a trend, the manufacturing industry in the process of transition to digital and intelligent and performance parts for equipment component with higher requirements, including precision and surface quality. Especially in some hightech industry, such as aerospace, communications, etc.. The transformation of the downstream market technology needs a new challenge for the development of the CNC machine tool industry. If the technological development of numerical control machine tool can adapt to the need of manufacturing transformation and upgrade, it can play a promoting role, othe...


    Tags:  machine tool industry  industrial robot  robot manufacturing  machine tool 

  • The high-end intelligent manufacturing or will become the new trend of industrial transformation and upgrading

       Along with the further development of new technologies, new products, in 2015 the pace of industrialization and application of artificial intelligence to promote speed will be faster, smart wear equipment, intelligent household products will be more mature, smart cars, intelligent robots and other highend smart products is expected to become new economic growth point.A few days ago, in the "2015 annual meeting of China's electronic information industry", based on the opportunities and challenges facing the electronic information industry, development focused on the analys...


    Tags:  China's electronic information industry 

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