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  • How to choose tap?

        Tapping machine tap usually points single or group. Small and medium size through hole thread available single tap once tapping. When processing blind hole or large size screw hole often uses group tap, that is to say use more than two branches taps successively finish a screw hole processing.Thread is the most common ways of mechanical part connection, tap is also the most commonly used tools of machining internal thread. So correctly choose tap machining internal thread, can guarantee the quality of threaded connection, improve the work efficiency.Choose tap tolerance zoneChina ma...


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  • Tapping machine tap classification

        Tap, it is a kind of machining internal thread cutting tool, along axial direction open groove, also called screw tap.According to the shape of the tap, can be divided into straight fluted tap, spiral fluted tap and screw tip tap.1, straight fluted tap, its commonality is strongest, through hole or blind hole, nonferrous metal or black metal processing, price is the cheapest. But pertinency is poorly, anything can be done, but are not doing the best. It is commonly used in ordinary lathe, drilling machine and tapping machine screw thread machining, cutting speed is slower.2, spiral flute...


    Tags:  Tap introduction Tap classification Tap application Tapping machine Tap wholesaler Tapping machine factory 

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