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The definition and classification of Power Head

With the rapid development of science and technology and the needs of large-scale industrial production, many professional manufacturers are using multifunctional efficient combined machine tool, this is to ensure that the product can reach a high machining accuracy, low production cost, high labor productivity, etc. effect. Power head is an important power part of combined […]

Principle and characteristic of pneumatic press

In order to achieve the purpose of punching, pneumatic press using high-pressure air compressor, through the compressed gas transmission pipeline to electromagnetic valve, through double push button switch or pedal switch electromagnetic valve action to control the cylinder and return to work. Cylinder as a working part, solenoid valve as a control element, make the pneumatic press structure is […]

Electric tapping machine operation and component

Electric tapping machine is a kind of driving mechanism of various materials processing in internal thread tapping machine, its belongs to the flexible tapping,the marked characteristics are folding arm operation, and overall machine tool rigidity is strong which can suitable for all mechanical manufacturing’s small and medium-sized and large-sized tapping requirements. Electric tapping machine drive gear in […]

Power head operation and maintenance method

Power head on operation has certain risk, so when use should be careful. The following is a power head operation should pay attention to some items: 1, check the mechanical instrument and tool etc. are in good condition, such as machine insurance screw and pin whether loose. 2, the rolling part can not put tools, measuring […]

Machining process technology and make technological procedure

Machining process technology refers to use the method of mechanical processing change the blank shape, size, position and property, makes the whole process of qualified parts. Machining process step is manufacturing and processing the work piece or part, adopts the method of mechanical processing, direct change shape, size and surface quality of blank, etc. Machining processing technology […]

Oil atomizer classification and principle

Oil atomizer is a kind of machining accuracy is very high precision component, it is equal to the solenoid valve, energized the electromagnetic coil to produce electromagnetic force, the armature and the needle valve, oil atomizer open, gasoline injection hole injection into the inlet or inlet pipe; when power loss electromagnetic force disappears, armature and needle […]


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