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How to choose machine tool lathe bed casting method and factory?

Machine tool lathe bed machining process: finish machining, rough machining and finishing process. Machine tool lathe bed casting after rough machining on the surface of work piece material cut to small machining allowance, make work piece achieve high machining accuracy and surface quality of process for finish machining. And after finish machining on the surface of […]

Fully automatic drilling machine characteristic

Drilling machine is the use of more hard and sharp tool than the work piece, by means of rotary cutting or rotary extrusion way, in work piece leave cylindrical hole or cavity machinery and equipment general terms. Can also be called a drilling machine, perforating machine, trepanning machine, hole machine etc. By means of proceeds drill […]

Automatic tapping machine

Tapping machine is a machine shell, end face, nut, flange and so on with different specifications hole or blind hole of the parts for inner side process internal thread, screw or tooth buckle mechanical processing equipment. Tapping machine is also called thread tapping machine, automatic tapping machine, etc. Automatic tapping machine is an equipment that adopts […]

How to judge the tool chuck quality is good or bad?

Tool chuck in a variety of cutting tool and machining center spindle provide connection standard. High precision tool chuck difference also depends on the manufacturing tolerance, qualified frock clamp chuck and waste distinguish is often lie in critical size microscopic difference. Tool chuck can be used in drill head, machine tool, drilling machine. So how to judge […]


Motor is a kind of rotary electric machine, it is a device converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is using electric coil creates a rotating magnetic field and is used to turn the mouse cage closure of aluminum frame to form dynamic rotating magnetic torque. Its working principle is magnetic field in the current stress, […]

Grinding process technology

Grinding is refers to using abrasive, grinding apparatus to remove excess material on the work piece processing method. Grinding process is one of widely used in cutting machining method. Grinding process belongs to finish machining in mechanical process, the processing quantity is few, but the precision is high, is widely used in machinery manufacturing industry. Grinding […]


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