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Numerical control equipment replaces ordinary equipment position

Milling head, which is installed on the milling machine and connected to the main shaft, is used to drive the milling cutter rotation machine tool attachment. It is the main component of machine tool equipment. According to the different milling cutting direction, milling head can be divided into vertical milling, transverse milling, horizontal milling, reverse […]

Machinery related to common sense

Machinery factory is made of raw material storage, blank production workshop, metalworking workshop, heat treatment workshop, assembly workshop, paint workshop, shipping department, etc. A good machinery factory has not only good equipment and environment, but also should have excellent staff, precision mechanical product production, so that the factory can get greater benefit. Mechanical product production process: […]

Role of different materials buffers in crane

Abstract: Crane buffers is an important safety protection device of a crane, the protective effect of buffer itself, service life and other technical parameters can directly influence the crane safe operation. Commonly used buffer have the rubber type, polyurethane type, spring type, hydraulic type, and other institutions, each have advantages and disadvantages.   Crane buffer in […]

Tapping the power head three processing methods is introduced

Abstract: In the automation processing, drilling and tapping is important, how to choose the most suitable for their use of tapping head for customers is critical. Because the tapping head processing way and drilling is different, there are three processing methods can achieve.       In automated processing, drilling and tapping are important, how […]

Pneumatic type of drilling power head structural composition

Abstract: Power head is an important power of modular machine tool parts. Their quality and performance quality directly affects the whole machine tool performance is good or bad. Among them, the basic structure of pneumatic drill power head is composed of three parts of the main movement, feed motion and control system.   Along with […]

Automatic drilling machine tapping machine taper shank use the matters needing attention

Abstract: Automatic taper shank drill tapping machine use the matters needing attention, common drill chuck is with taper shank, linking to the main shaft driven by touch the friction cone bit rotation, the taper shank and the taper sleeve surface roughness and shape accuracy demand is very high.   Automatic taper shank drill tapping machine use the […]


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