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Gear cutting machine

It is well known that the gear is the foundation of mechanical transmission components, demand is big, use face is wide, so need the gear processing products are more and more. The emergence of the gear cutting machine, is the most suitable machinery of processing gear. Gear cutting machine is processing a variety of cylindrical gears, […]

Hydraulic automatic lathe

Hydraulic automatic lathe is a kind of hydraulic feed automatic lathe rather than ordinary cam automatic lathe, because of its control part for program control called program-controlled hydraulic automatic lathe. Hydraulic automatic lathe is a kind of high performance, high precision, high reliability, low noise, low energy feeding type automatic lathe. For copper, aluminum, iron, zinc […]

Punch press classification and feature

Punch press is a set of ram-type press machine. In national production, stamping process compared with the traditional mechanical processing, can save material and energy, high production efficiency, the technical requirements for operators is not high and through a variety of mold application can be made product of machining is unable to achieved. Depending on the punch […]

How to choose a good punching machine?

Punching machine work principle is the pressure of material infliction, make its plastic deformation, to get the required shape and precision. But must match a set of mould (divide into upper die and lower die), put material on the middle, by pressure on the machine, make its deformation, so as to get the required product. Punching […]

Tapping machine tap classification

 Tap, it is a kind of machining internal thread cutting tool, along axial direction open groove, also called screw tap. According to the shape of the tap, can be divided into straight fluted tap, spiral fluted tap and screw tip tap. 1, straight fluted tap, its commonality is strongest, through hole or blind hole, nonferrous […]

How to choose tap?

Tapping machine tap usually points single or group. Small and medium size through hole thread available single tap once tapping. When processing blind hole or large size screw hole often uses group tap, that is to say use more than two branches taps successively finish a screw hole processing. Thread is the most common ways of […]


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