R3180-A Hydro Speed Regulator – PURROS Drilling Unit Accessories


Maximum Stroke:80mm
Load Range:500-3000n
Withstand Impact Energy:3.5j

Air Return Type Hydro Speed Regulator


Purros Machinery also have other models (Maximum Stroke:40-180mm, Load Range:200-3000n, Withstand Impact Energy:2.3-3.5j)

Purros Machinery Hydro speed regulators are designed to control the forward speed (feed rate) of the Electro Pneumatic Drilling Units. Use of a regulator provides adjustable feed rates, faster cycle times, reduces burring, eliminates drill breakage, and prevents sudden forward surges at drill breakthrough. One regulator is required per Electro Pneumatic Drilling Units for drilling operations.
Air return regulators serve the same function as the spring return type in that they control the forward speed of the drill. However, the air type requires an air signal at the end of each drilling cycle to return the regulator to its original position. Also, these regulators are required for peck feed drilling as they are capable of holding the drilling depth at the end of each peck feed motion.

Even if remove the load of piston rod of R-A type hydraulic damper, the piston rod still can stay at original position, only provide compressed air piston rod can return, a multiple setp feed control can be carried out.

1. With the position of the piston rod maintained along the strokes as desired efficient pack feed drilling is possible.
2. Longer strokes available for extended application purpose.
3. Constant Speed.
4. Easy to install, Leakproof, No need for piping or wiring.
5. Life of Millions of cycles without leaking.


Notice: PURROS Company can also supply all kinds of dampers as well as the dampers listed in the above table, please contact agent or our company for the details.

PURROS Machinery have various types of Hydro Speed Regulators, Self-Feeding Drill Heads(Units), Multi-Spindle Drill Heads and Servo feed tapping machine, Special Purpose Machines, warmly waiting for you to inquire.