Introducing robots into machine tools is a very clever approach

Robot has become a trend, the manufacturing industry in the process of transition to digital and intelligent and performance parts for equipment component with higher requirements, including precision and surface quality. Especially in some high-tech industry, such as aerospace, communications, etc.. The transformation of the downstream market technology needs a new challenge for the development of the CNC machine tool industry. If the technological development of numerical control machine tool can adapt to the need of manufacturing transformation and upgrade, it can play a promoting role, otherwise it will restrict its development.


At present, most of the domestic machine tool enterprises are concerned about how to expand the enterprise. Frequently thousands of people, the size of the tens of thousands of people. While foreign companies are more of the pursuit of technology leader, that is, to make their products in the production of other products indispensable. At present, the competition mechanism of machine tool enterprises in China mainly depends on the price and quantity to win, and lacks the core technology.. With the increase in the cost of labor, raw materials, enterprise profits will become increasingly thin. So the competition mechanism needs to change urgently.


The key application of industrial robot is motion control, while motion control is an important factor to guarantee the accuracy of machine tools.. From this perspective, the machine tool manufacturing and robot manufacturing technology is very large correlation. Therefore, in recent years, the machine tool companies involved in the industrial robot manufacturing enthusiasm increasingly high.

Not only is the CNC system manufacturing enterprises, machine tool enterprise is also very popular in the field of robotics. Domestic sales in the first machine of Shenyang Machine Tool Group Chairman Kwan sik friends also said that the Shenyang group development of flying Yang NC system of experience, is preparing to cut industrial robot manufacturing field, development of industrial robots.

Can be seen whether the introduction of foreign robots or the development of domestic industrial robots, smart entrepreneurs have aimed at its broad prospects for the integration of the machine tool industry!