The importance of servo tapping machine for drilling tapping devices

Servo tapping machine is automation equipment vital parts. Spindle and feed for the digital variable speed, depth can be precisely controlled for blind holes, peck crumbs back into the automatic processing, automatic circulation. Cycle time can be set freely. Small size, light weight, easy installation. So many advantages make servo tapping machine for drilling tapping equipment is very important.

Servo tapping machine performance:

1.  Tapping dedicated, efficient and stable, high-volume low-cost hole processing equipment. Can be equipped with a simple bench, clip forming processing line. Also suitable for drilling to install and use more than one plane.

2.  Using high-performance servo motor, the rotation of the feed-precision synchronous tapping power head simultaneously, and can screw holes and blind holes processing.

3.  For high-speed, automated mechanical feed device type tapping screw machining. The rotation of the feed is fully synchronized, enabling precise machining on the plate and screw soft material.

4.  Through the rapid feed, quick return to shorten the processing cycle.

5.  Eeasy to use, saving space and cost savings. Long tool life, high-precision machining.

6.  Install high degree of freedom can be easily machined hole various locations.

7.  By mounted inside the fast feed and automatically switch pitch feed mechanism, can significantly reduce the idle screw processing time.

8.  Tapping the power head is small and lightweight, can be installed in any direction vertical, horizontal, diagonal and so on. Can be easy to make homemade space-saving screw Processing Machine.

Self-feeding drilling heads’ development culture history and classification

Self-feeding drilling heads for machine tool industry friends won’t feel strange, processing method of the tool for our earliest can be traced back to ancient drilling technology, drilling technology is actually The Times is a it is often used in daily life of a kind of a way for the corresponding object processing, from the industrial revolution in Europe until now the rise of modern industrial development to our electrical and mechanical industry, power technology has been around the borehole drilling technology, along with the progress of modern science and the deepening development of industry technology, machined part elaboration and complications in the processing industry, the processing requirements for drilling power head, has greatly improved, especially the precision as the technology improve machining efficiency increases, for all types of drilling power head products in the industry high rotation speed and axial has quickly become a required element of the machine tools, in except to machining center machine mechanical composite technology for common machine tool products have been developed by early horizontal processing way, in the form of more for machine tools on the drilling power head also produced a variety of changes, as some of the blades, a handstand, car milling compound model was popular at that time.


Self-feeding drilling heads across the industry development is to comply with the demand of era of the new processing way for evolution, in this process, a new concept of compound machine is a new technology of combination of tools, its major advantage is that can be easily through the drilling power head on the same machine to make complex parts processing operations, at the same time also can rely on it for a series of drillingtappingmilling,  the degree of micro hole machining methods of work, in the current drilling power head by a mechanical machinery market can be completed before a series of complex parts processing craft, can greatly save on cost and time, in today’s drilling power head processing industry market the spread of new technology and new concept in the research and development department of the factories are in full swing in progress, in either C axis, Y axis degrees or vice spindle head need to match the drilling power head can be equipped with the basic function of the machine tool, drilling power head as a modern machine tools has become one of indispensable processing components, it also makes the functions of drilling power head more diligence is more perfect. We can see that from the perspective of the industry development history of drilling power head of the evolution of the current very mature, believe in its future development will be more advantages.


Self-feeding drilling heads to analyze the market at present, at present is mainly divided into the borehole drilling tapping head and head of these two categories, under this column don’t have some branch model of small class, according to the different machining occasions needed to adapt to different drilling requirements.