The difference between pneumatic and electric tapping machine

Taizhou road machinery co., LTD. The main production of various kinds of power head, tapping power head, tapping power head, pneumatic power head, drilling power head, drilling power head, drilling tapping head, servo tapping machine, tapping machine, hydraulic gear type damper, custom make all kinds of multi-axis device, porous automatic drilling machine, non-standard combination machine tools and so on.

  Tapping machine is a machine tap processing of internal threads, it is the most widely used a kind of internal thread processing machine tool. According to the national machinery industry standard, tapping machine series is divided into: desktop tapping machine, semi-automatic desktop tapping machine, vertical tapping machine, horizontal tapping machine. A kind of important for some reason the classification of the most widely used is not included, namely, folding boom tapping machine.
  Pluto (PURROS) introduce the difference between pneumatic and electric tapping machine, pneumatic tapping machine is through the air compressor compressed air driven motor, electric tapping machine with 220 v electric can drive. General electric tapping machine service life longer than pneumatic tapping machine. Electric tapping machine tapping fangs in strength at the same time, high efficiency, energy saving and energy saving, no noise, the torque is very stable, idle speed is the same as the actual speed. If it is a large amount of tapping and economic conditions permit, it is recommended that you choose electric tapping machine, price is relatively high. If tapping the amount is not big, can consider to choose pneumatic tapping machine. If you M2, M3, M4, M5, M6 thread teeth is more, it is recommended that you choose pneumatic tapping machine, this is money, efficiency is very high.
  The road, can according to their own product features, different requirements, choose the right model, requirement of each parameter can also provide to us, we can help you customized tapping machine is most suitable for you.
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Scope of application and characteristics of pneumatic tapping machine

At present, the industrial market main use pneumatic tapping machine, pneumatic tapping machine, electric, pneumatic through air compressor to provide power to work. Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Production of pneumatic tapping machine by pneumatic spindle, trachea, air filtration oiler, spiral arms, elongation, screw tap clamp arm, a fixed seat.

Pneumatic tapping machine is the use of high pressure pneumatic motor to move the air tapping a mechanical device. Pneumatic tapping machine motor is the use of compact vane type pneumatic motor maximum speed can reach more than 10000 revolutions per minute, through star retarding mechanism, can achieve the function of large torque output. Compact, and it can realize the positive and negative. New type of pneumatic tapping machine features: light and flexible, efficient, and possesses the advantages of other similar equipment cannot be replaced. New type of pneumatic tapping machine to avoid the limitations of the lathe, drilling machine or manual tapping time and manpower, it is not easy rotten teeth, tap not easily broken, etc.
Pneumatic tapping machine is applicable to all machinery manufacturing industry, machine tool, mold (factory) machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery manufacturers, engineering machinery, automobile motorcycle parts, aviation engines, rolling stock, tobacco machinery and general machinery and other industries.
Tapping machine, drilling, tapping operations can also be equipped with multi-axis device, improve efficiency. Is the product of high precision machining, production products can match for automatic operation, such as: motorcycle parts, auto parts and other parts of high requirements and production.
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