How to deal with tapping machine tapping problem?

Tapping machine is a machine shell, device face, nut, flange, etc with different specifications of the hole or blind hole of the medial aspect of the component hole machining internal thread, screw or buckles mechanical processing equipment.

Tapping machine is in use process will often encounter all sorts of problems, the following are tapping machine using process common several problems and solutions and prevention measures.

1, the broken tap: the reason may be the diameter of the thread bottom hole is not accurate.

If you want to avoid this situation happen, should be correctly select the thread bottom hole diameter; When drill a bottom hole, depth should meet the standard; Increase the tap of anterior horn, shorten cutting cone length; Can also be appropriate to reduce the cutting speed.

2, screw tap wear too fast: the reason may be the pitch diameter of thread is not accurate.

Should choose reasonable precision grade screw tap pitch diameter; Choose the suitable cutting fluid and decrease the cutting speed; Timely removal grinding taps produce burrs, and appropriately increase cutting cone length.

3, slide tooth: the reason may be encountered the larger sand holes when tapping, screw tap skid.

Should pay attention to check the bottom hole before tapping; Thought to concentrate when tapping, measured hole deep beforehand, and make a deep mark on the screw tap.

4, tapping screw hole slanting: the reason may when hand tap and work piece end face is not vertical; Machine tapping don’t aim at work piece hole center.

When tapping should hold the screw steady, guarantee the tap and hole end face verticality, such as is not vertical, slightly pressure tap hinge hand shank, and makes positive and reverse the tap continuously, slowly correction; The machine tapping screw tap should aim at the work piece hole center.

Whether machine tapping or hand tapping, should be careful, lest appear problem, increase the burden of human resources. Every factory wants to use the lowest cost to gain more interests.

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Tapping machine tap classification

 Tap, it is a kind of machining internal thread cutting tool, along axial direction open groove, also called screw tap.

According to the shape of the tap, can be divided into straight fluted tap, spiral fluted tap and screw tip tap.

1, straight fluted tap, its commonality is strongest, through hole or blind hole, nonferrous metal or black metal processing, price is the cheapest. But pertinency is poorly, anything can be done, but are not doing the best. It is commonly used in ordinary lathe, drilling machine and tapping machine screw thread machining, cutting speed is slower.

2, spiral fluted tap, is suitable for processing unfair hole thread, processing chip out back. Because of the spiral Angle, tap actual cutting rake angle will be increasing with the increase of helical Angle. For example: when processing ferrous metal, choose the smaller spiral Angle, generally about 30 degrees, to ensure the strength of the helical gear. When processing non-ferrous metal, choose the larger spiral Angle, about 45 degrees, cutting sharp. Spiral fluted tap usually used in numerical control processing center drilling blind hole, processing speed is faster, precision is higher, chip removal is better.

3, screw tip tap, chips discharge forward when processing thread. Its core size design is bigger, strength is better, can bear bigger cutting force. Processing non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, black metal effect is very good. When processing through hole thread, should first uses the screw tip tap.

According to different processing method, can be divided into cutting tap and extruding tap.

Of extrusion tap is more suitable for processing non-ferrous metal, with the above cutting tap working principle is different, it is to squeeze the metal, make it plastic deformation, forming internal thread. Extrusion forming internal thread metal fibre is continuous, tensile, shear strength is higher, processing surface roughness is also better, but extrusion tap bottom hole requirement is higher. If the bottom hole is too large, base metal quantity is little, causing internal thread path is too big, strength is not enough. If the bottom hole is too small, closed extrusion metal has nowhere else to go, it is easy to cause broken tap.

Of course, according to the method of use, tap also has types of hand use or machine use. No matter hand use or machine use, are master tap what cutting common thread. However, habitual called machine tap of manufacturing higher precision high speed steel ground tap, called hand tap of carbon tool steel or alloy tool steel roll teeth(or ) incisor teeth tap. Visible, tap is essential tool of currently manufacturing operators processing thread.

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