The definition and application of Damper

Make various friction and other barriers to free vibration attenuation effect, we call it a damping. And damper, is placed on the structure system of “special” component, is a desired range, can adjust freely from low speed to high speed hydraulic cylinder feed speed is feed speed controller. Simple speaking, is to provide movement of the resistance, depletion movement energy of the device.

High quality Damper has good anticorrosion, compact structure, reasonable stress, fast dynamic response, small frictional resistance, long service life, etc. characteristics.

Damping is used to suck energy shock absorption have not a new technology, all kinds of Dampers is already used in aerospace, aviation, war industry, automobile and other industries to damping energy dissipation. Since the 1970 s, people began to gradually switch to those techniques to buildings, bridges, railways, nuclear power plant, power plant, chemical pipelines, boiler and other critical equipment’s shock resistant, can effectively prevent because of the earthquake, water hammer, the relief valve exhaust the pipe or equipment damage, such as improving power plant, chemical safety operation, its development is very rapid.



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