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The purros servo precision synchronous tapping head, high power and high performance is used for servo motor, high precision tapping machine of numerical control system, make the small aperture and blind hole tapping more accurate, higher accuracy. The purros servo tapping head has the following several characteristics:
1, the biggest tapping capacity: aluminum alloy: M14, steel: M12
2, top speed of 3370 RPM high speed machining.
3, using high-performance servo motor. Numerical control system to ensure that the thread at 6 h high accuracy.
4, can be arbitrarily set the second origin, set to ride fast, compared with the lead screw or into full gear type tapping machine stroke work, increase efficiency of the machining.
5, can be used with multi-axis device, the effect is better.
In short, the progress and development of CNC machine tool technology provides a good condition for the development of modern manufacturing, prompting manufacturing development in the direction of the high efficiency, high quality and full of human nature. Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Main production all kinds of tapping machine, welcome calls, letters, come kind advice.
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The Principle of hydraulic damper

Hydraulic damper is a device that to reduce the resistance of movements, and then depletes the kinetic energy. Hydraulic damper is widely used in automotive and medical equipment; the feature is the resistance changes with running speed. Obviously, it can play a buffer role in connected institutions. The most important feature is that the force of the gas spring changes with velocity of movement. Significantly, when the force point of gas spring movement faster, then the resistances of the spring is increased. In other case, when the force point movements is slow, almost no resistances.


The introduction and classification of the Multiple Spindle Machine

Multiple Spindle Machine commonly known as Multiple Spindle Head, Porous Drill, Multiple Spindle Drill Machine or Multiple Spindle Machine Tool, is a new hole processing equipment. It is mounted on the drilling, tapping machine cutter head, and is more than two spindle processing drilling or tapping parts at the same time, so calls Multiple Spindle Machine. An ordinary Multiple Spindle Machine fitted with an ordinary drilling machine can pick a few and even a dozen twenty holes or thread processing.

According to the style can be divided into: Adjustable Multiple Spindle Machine and Fixed Multiple Spindle Machine.

According to the shape can be divided into: U-shaped Multiple Spindle Machine, T-shaped Multiple Spindle Machine and A-shaped Multiple Spindle Machine.

U-shaped Multiple Spindle Machine: using gear with universal joint consisting, to adjust the distance is not gear limited very convenient, can save adjustment time, operation fast and convenient, is the easiest specifications of the operation in adjustable.

T-shaped Multiple Spindle Machine: can do Drill Head and Tapping, light, easy to operate and does not occupy a space.

A-shaped Multiple Spindle Machine: Four Spindle Adjustable  by using elastic cullet type, so adjust the distance can be reduced, two spindles can adjust to 18 mm, applicable small distance processing.


Multiple Spindle Machine

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The concept and application scope of Tapping Machine

Tapping Machine is also called Thread Tapping Machine, is a body shell part, device end face, screw nut, flange, etc with different specifications of the hole or blind hole of the medial aspect of the component hole machining internal thread, screw or buckle of mechanical processing equipment.

Quality Tapping Machine has novel design, reasonable structure, easy to use, high degree of automation, convenient use, high efficiency, maintenance free, extremely high performance-price ratio etc. characteristics.

In the market, Tapping Machine for its lightweight, flexible, efficient and possesses the advantages of other similar equipment cannot be replaced, gain people’s affection. It avoids the limitations of the lathe, drilling machine or manual tapping, and time saving, energy saving, it is not easy rotten teeth and the tap is not easy to break, etc., because of these characteristics is well received by the people and use. Tapping Machine is applicable to all machinery manufacturing industries, including machine tool, mold machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, engineering machinery, automobile motorcycle parts, aircraft engine, locomotive vehicles tobacco machinery and general machinery manufacturing industry.


 Tapping Machine

Tapping Machine

Tapping Machine

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Drilling Machine classification and the development direction

Drilling Machine mainly refers to use drill processing hole on the work place of machine tool. Drilling Machine structure is simple, the processing precision is relatively low, can drill a hole, blind hole; Replace the special cutter, can bearizing, counter boring, reaming, or tapping and so on processing. During processing work piece doesn’t move, let cutter move, the cutter center alignment hole, and make the cutter rotation.

Drilling Machine has many different kinds, according to the structure can be divided into:

1, Vertical Drilling Machine: the worktable and spindle box can be vertical movement in the column, used in small and medium-sized work piece.

2, Bench Drilling Machine: a small Vertical Drilling Machine, the largest hole diameter is 12 ~ 15 mm, installed on the bench table to use, many for manual into the drill, commonly used to machining small holes of work piece.

3, Horizontal Drilling Machine: spindle horizontal layout, spindle box can be moving the Drilling Machine. Can be more than Vertical Drilling Machine processing efficiency is high, generally surface processing at the same time.

According to use can be divided into:

1, Radial Drilling Machine: spindle box can move on the rocker arm, rocker arm rotation and lifting, the work piece is stationary, and is suitable for processing large and heavy and porous artifacts that are widely used in machinery manufacturing.

2, Deep Hole Drilling Machine: with deep hole drilling and drilling depth is much bigger than the diameter of hole of a specialized machine tool, to facilitate removal chips and avoid machine is too big, generally horizontal layout, regularly have a cooling fluid.

3, Center Hole Drilling Machine: used for processing the center hole at each end of the shaft parts.

4, Milling Drilling Machine: The workbench can be lateral movement, drill shaft vertical layout, the Drilling Machine is able to milling.

In recent years, China has become the world’s most active Drilling Machine market, but domestic Drilling Machine high-end market share is still insufficient, Radial Drilling Machine industry structure adjustment and product upgrading is imperative. Powered by scientific and technological innovation, vigorously improve the medium-to-high grade Radial Drilling Machine market competitiveness is the current task of the Drilling Machine industry in China. High speed, high precision, high reliability, composite, intelligent, flexibility, integration and openness are the main direction of Drilling Machine industry.


Drilling Machine

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The definition and application of Damper

Make various friction and other barriers to free vibration attenuation effect, we call it a damping. And damper, is placed on the structure system of “special” component, is a desired range, can adjust freely from low speed to high speed hydraulic cylinder feed speed is feed speed controller. Simple speaking, is to provide movement of the resistance, depletion movement energy of the device.

High quality Damper has good anticorrosion, compact structure, reasonable stress, fast dynamic response, small frictional resistance, long service life, etc. characteristics.

Damping is used to suck energy shock absorption have not a new technology, all kinds of Dampers is already used in aerospace, aviation, war industry, automobile and other industries to damping energy dissipation. Since the 1970 s, people began to gradually switch to those techniques to buildings, bridges, railways, nuclear power plant, power plant, chemical pipelines, boiler and other critical equipment’s shock resistant, can effectively prevent because of the earthquake, water hammer, the relief valve exhaust the pipe or equipment damage, such as improving power plant, chemical safety operation, its development is very rapid.



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The definition and classification of Power Head

With the rapid development of science and technology and the needs of large-scale industrial production, many professional manufacturers are using multifunctional efficient combined machine tool, this is to ensure that the product can reach a high machining accuracy, low production cost, high labor productivity, etc. effect. Power head is an important power part of combined machine tool, machine performance is good or bad depends on the quality and performance of power head, but in general combined machine tool design,  power  head can only provide the main movement, its feed movement is associated with hydraulic or mechanical sliding table.

What is a power head? Is installed on the power knife tower, is driven by servo motor power cutter holder. Power head is the basic principle of motor drives a gear change mechanism, can come true to boring, milling, drilling, etc. functions, and is a relatively simple variable speed transmission mechanism. Power head form is varied, depending on the different implementation effects, can be divided into: drilling power head, synchronous tapping power head, milling power head, boring power head, reaming power head and so on.

With synchronous tapping power head is a dual-use, drilling in the meantime also finished in tapping suture. Its front range of screw has cutting function, middle range is tapping chip guide function, bottom range is fixed function. Such as the steel construction and color steel tile construction of stitching is to use the power head.


Unit Head

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Principle and characteristic of pneumatic press

In order to achieve the purpose of punching, pneumatic press using high-pressure air compressor, through the compressed gas transmission pipeline to electromagnetic valve, through double push button switch or pedal switch electromagnetic valve action to control the cylinder and return to work. Cylinder as a working part, solenoid valve as a control element, make the pneumatic press structure is more simple, high safety, low failure rate, high production efficiency, low maintenance cost and easy operation.

1, take compressed air as power source, simple structure, simple operation, high efficiency and long service life.

2, There is no noise and pollution of the environment generated by oil hydraulic system, can save power consumption so as to reduce the production cost.

3, can be arbitrary adjust the height, speed, stroke, pressure and stamping time, because different products and moulds have different require.

4, adjustable cylinder stroke, the special tour and the column height can be customized.

5, there are air pressure regulating valve, how much pressure need, can be transferred to immediately, operation is very simple.

6, high precision, adjust high speed precision cutting, equipped with a resistance to rotation guide rod, guide plate.

7, comfortable operation, can choose double push button switch or pedal switch. Humanistic consideration, ensure the safety of operating personnel, suitable for long-term work.

8, is equipped with a control cylinder, can achieve rapid decline in function, but the machine action is very smooth.

9, multifunctional purposes, applicable to the thrusting, punching, bending, printing, perforating, pressure assembly, extruding, axis pressed in, riveting etc.


Pneumatic Press 40T

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Electric tapping machine operation and component

Electric tapping machine is a kind of driving mechanism of various materials processing in internal thread tapping machine, its belongs to the flexible tapping,the marked characteristics are folding arm operation, and overall machine tool rigidity is strong which can suitable for all mechanical manufacturing’s small and medium-sized and large-sized tapping requirements.

Electric tapping machine drive gear in a rapid inversion device is a kind of machining internal thread of power tools. Electric tapping machine power supply is connected and turned on the power controller, tapping speed have been set, press forward, servo motor torque and speed output voltage signal can be converted to tapping, tapping the bottom press the reverse button back wire. This is the electric tapping machine of simple operation, the operating personnel is very easy to use, and tapping precision is very high.

Of course, electric tapping machine structure also is not very complex, it is mainly composed of the following points.

1. Servo motor, used in the voltage signal and the torque between the rotational speed conversion and control.

2. Controller: power supply control and torque overload protection.

3. Display screen: control and adjust the rotate speed of forward and backward.

4. Tap torque protection chuck: adjust the chuck torque size, if tapping the bottom of the blind hole more than its distance, will be slip protection.

5. Support: can be adjusted up and down, as long as the operating radius range can be tapped at any position.


Electric Tapping Machine

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Power head operation and maintenance method

Power head on operation has certain risk, so when use should be careful. The following is a power head operation should pay attention to some items:

1, check the mechanical instrument and tool etc. are in good condition, such as machine insurance screw and pin whether loose.

2, the rolling part can not put tools, measuring tool, or other items.

3, check the oil level whether have enough oil. If it is not enough, fill until enough appropriately.

4, check the machine the leakage of shaft, belt, gear, pulley and so on shielding whether are in good condition or not.

Power head is the most important part of the drill, to take effective measures of maintenance and administration, to guarantee the performance of the drilling, increase the service life, improve production efficiency. First of all to maintain the appearance of the power head to any part should be regular cleaning of iron filings; Secondly maintenance the lubrication effect of power head, often to the exposed portion of nodular cast iron seal ring in front of the right amount of oil, so the lubrication effect will be better; And then stick to regularly check whether the screw bolt fastening; Finally, maintenance electrical parts, such as regular cleaning the motor, ensure that electric installation fixed, safe and tidy.


Power Head

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